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Points communs.

vendredi 31 janvier 2020
Points communs.

Common points. 

30, rue Georges-Lebigot, Villejuif (94). Phone. : 01 42 11 84 04. M ° Villejuif-Paul-Vaillant-Couturier.

Next event: Book fair, May 16.


Small but lively, with its beautiful sun-yellow shelves, the Points Communes bookshop catches the eye of the passer-by. And, when we linger there for a moment at the end of the day, we discover a whole hive where one comes for a workshop of musical awakening or theater, the other to find a novel finally published in pocket, a other to withdraw an order, find a comic to offer, buy a book for school, or just stroll in front of the latest publications annotated by booksellers ... Nathalie, Jacqueline and Catherine run the house alternately and, when they are not there not, they sell books at the Romain-Rolland Theater next door, animate evenings and afternoons family games at the café Le Pacha, prepare the next Children's Book Fair (and the literary price that goes with it) or the Night of reading with the wine merchant from the street above, "A real place of social mix, with a second-hand book section, there is demand"  ! Especially since Villejuif, city of the inner suburbs, at the future junction of line 14 and line 15, gains new inhabitants every year.

In short, they have ideas to spare and have fun like crazy. However, booksellers, they have only been for a year and a half. Of the three, only Nathalie is an employee, converted from journalism. Former magistrate, then lawyer, and ex-principal of college, Catherine and Jacqueline are volunteers, retired.

An adventure possible thanks to the collective

If the bookstore is called Common Points, it is that behind this team of living forces there is a whole collective that made the adventure possible. First, an association which today has around 120 members, Les Amis de la librairie Point Communes, to allow the bookseller on departure to transmit in good conditions and, secondly, to develop reading for all by launching a youth book prize with the schools of Villejuif. But also a group of 46 cooperative members who all own one or more shares in the company. When she created the association at the end of 2015, Catherine, still a lawyer at the time, did not think she would end up with a new job, more than full-time. Residents of Villejuif, Catherine, Jacqueline and Nathalie got to know each other within the association where the idea of ​​creating a society of collective interest (SIC) - a cooperative economic model still rare in the world of bookstores - germinated and the possibility of leading the project together. All three trained in the trade of booksellers. 

Un bilan plus que positif

Au bout d’un an d’activité, elles ont largement dépassé leurs prévisions en termes de chiffre d’affaires, pas assez pourtant pour recruter un deuxième salarié. « Nous, les deux retraitées, on sera toujours dans le paysage, mais l’idée, c’est que l’on réduise notre implication. Au départ, on pensait y consacrer un mi-temps »,sourit Catherine, qui aspire aussi à s’occuper de ses petits-enfants. D’ailleurs, si elles peuvent être ainsi sur tous les fronts — on a oublié de citer le club de lecture et le projet de goûters
philosophy - is that at each event a battalion of volunteers comes to help. In particular for the youth literary prize Read and elect, conducted with the teachers of the schools of Villejuif and which concerns each year around 1000 children, who will all meet in their class at least one author and an illustrator of the selected books. Points Communes is also recruiting a person in civic service for the event and, in September, an apprentice. Spread the word!

Maïa Bouteillet

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